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Hesitation for AppreciationI don’t appreciate people enough.  I try to, but for some reason I remember to appreciate people when they aren’t around and after appropriate phone calling hours.  Then when I wake up, the thought has disappeared.  I go about my life back to focusing on myself, and not taking time to thank those who contribute so much.

Working at a church means I’m constantly indebted to those who make ministry happen.  The countless volunteers who take time out of their already busy lives to greet people in the parking lot, or help organize our huge outreach events, or lead a community group each week.  I might be getting the paycheck, but those are the hands and feet of ministry.  The ones who willingly jump in with both feet and deal with the messiness of a recovery program, or a support group are the ones who deserve my thanks. Continue Reading…

10 Years from Today


10 Years from TodayIn life we all have things we have to do.  Depending on where you’re at, you already have different responsibilities you’ve added to your life.  A spouse, a job, maybe kids, a mortgage, etc.  The things we have to do slowly stack up as we get older.  However, we also have commitments we volunteer for.  You volunteer to help in your church’s children’s ministry.  Or perhaps you volunteer to serve on the board of a food bank, or shelter, or whatever.  Maybe your family decided to volunteer to go on a missions trip.  Continue Reading…

Stop Robbing Others


Stop Robbing OthersWhen I was young I stole a water gun from my neighbor.  It was a worthless piece of plastic, but I knew it was wrong.  I especially knew it was wrong when I got caught.  Busted.  Some swats, some grounding, and making my apologize to the boy I took it from were enough punishment for me to learn my lesson.

But there’s another kind of stealing we tend to normally get away with.

Continue Reading…