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Parenting the Facebook GenerationI had incredible parents.  They taught me everything from how to find the right girl to how to build a website.  Earlier this week I was thinking about all the stuff they taught me, and how one day I hope to teach my kids those same kind of things.  The main focus of my thoughts were on the digital things they taught me.  My parents were pretty cutting edge (which is weird to hear myself say) in the tech world, at least my dad was (sorry mom).

My dad taught me how to get an email, how to make wise choices online, and how to figure stuff out on a computer.  These lessons eventually pushed me towards wanting to work on computer software, until Jesus decided to make me a pastor.  Continue Reading…

Addiction to iDols


Addiction to iDolsJust a couple days ago the latest iPhone was announced by Apple.  People of course went crazy, staring at computers as the details came out as to what amazing new things Apple had included.  But regardless of if you’re disappointed or excited or unaware of this latest iPhone, I think most of us can admit that more and more people seem to have smart phones.  They’ve become something that’s part status symbol, part communication device, and part escape from boring conversations.

The more smartphones that exist, the more people seem disconnected.

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