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At the top of the iconic Rocky stairs is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Pretty cool start to the day.


It’s cool to be in a big city. Sorry Hampton Roads, but you lack a cool downtown feel. However, you are cleaner than Philly.


No trip to Philly would be complete without seeing the Liberty Bell.


However, I also saw the true symbol of freedom while I was there. The Rocky Balboa statue.

It Takes a Village to Save an IdiotLast Friday was a day I won’t forget next time I book a cheap bus ticket.  You see, I had reserved a seat on the cheap-bus up to Philadelphia for a simple day trip.  I had about seven hours to spend in Philadelphia, before jumping on a bus headed back home.  Everything went well that morning.  I got on the bus, had a good time in Philly, saw some sites, and headed back to the bus stop.  That’s when the trip took a turn for the worse.   Continue Reading…