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Lessons from Game Day - DisappointmentI’m a big college football fan.  I follow the Oklahoma State Cowboys pretty close to religiously.  Last year was incredible, the Cowboys had the season I’d been dreaming about since I was a child.  They lost only 1 game all year, and were barely squeaked out of a chance to play for the national championship.  But we graduated two of our best players, and this year is a little different.

Saturday night we were beaten by a team we should have dominated.  And at first I was bummed.  I was frustrated, and disappointed, and knew I was going to get plenty of crap the next day (because I’m pretty good at giving people crap when their teams lose).  But about the time I knew there was no hope left, sometime within that last minute of game time, I realized that there’s no reason for a bunch of college kids I don’t even know should mess my day up.

I realized that even thought I am disappointed, I would still live a normal life this week.

I can’t just stay at home and mope because we lost.  It’s the same principle that makes musicians go out and play another show after a bad one, the same principle that pushed authors to continue writing despite rejection letters.  It’s the reason you send out another resume, you bake another cake, or you sit down to apologize to your wife.  Because disappointment as a feeling isn’t necessarily bad, but disappointment as a lifestyle doesn’t work.

When have you had to get up and move forward even though you didn’t feel like it?

What Would Jesus Do About Penn State?It is now officially college football season.  Saturday’s are no longer empty days to do chores around the house, they are dedicated to watching football while I do chores around the house.  But one blemish has already marred this college football season.  Yeah, this is another blog post about the Penn State scandal. However, this post differs because I haven’t heard anyone say they want to see Penn State lose this year.

I’m looking forward to cheering against the Nittany Lions.

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