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How to Mature as a ChristianHow can you tell a mature Christ follower from an immature one? 

That’s the question that churches have been asking for centuries.  Answers have varied from where they worship, what they think about the pope, or if they dance.  Fairly inconsistent to be honest.  We’ve valued different things at different times.  In the last century I think the evaluation has become “How well do I know the Bible.”  We’ve been taught that if someone is following Jesus closely they will read their Bible daily, memorize large chunks of Scripture, and probably have a Bible that’s well marked, diagramed, and highlighted.  But there’s a problem.

What about their actions?

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Why I’m a Believer in Church AttendanceWith our culture slowly and steadily shying away from attending local churches, I thought I’d offer my reasons for attending a local congregation.  I’ve always attended churches, and yet I understand the frustration many have with the modern church establishment.  I understand that the body of Christ seems to have sold out to politics (on both sides of the fence), I get that local congregations are often not the greatest sources of God’s grace, I have attended churches that served more as a bunker than a hospitalI get those thingsContinue Reading…

Being an Outsider


Being an OutsiderIt’s never fun being on the outside.  You sit looking at the in crowd wishing you were part of it.  We’ve all experienced it at some point or another.  Maybe you started a new job, where everyone is buddy/buddy except you.  Or maybe you have been in a situation where finances, race, gender, or hobbies excluded you from conversation.  I’ve tried faking it a couple times pretending I know something about golf, or cars, or whatever it took to get into the conversation.

But Jesus specialized in loving outsiders.

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