TebowAs Christians we love our “Christian” celebrities.  Whether it’s Kirk Cameron, the Duck Dynasty family, or Tim Tebow; we simply love having someone who represents us in the media.  We buy their stuff, watch their content religiously, and say things like “It’s so nice to see faith positively depicted in the media.”  However, it seems that all this affection seems to come with a price.  And the price isn’t on us, our Christian representative is the one who has to pay. Continue Reading…


At the top of the iconic Rocky stairs is the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Pretty cool start to the day.


It’s cool to be in a big city. Sorry Hampton Roads, but you lack a cool downtown feel. However, you are cleaner than Philly.


No trip to Philly would be complete without seeing the Liberty Bell.


However, I also saw the true symbol of freedom while I was there. The Rocky Balboa statue.

It Takes a Village to Save an IdiotLast Friday was a day I won’t forget next time I book a cheap bus ticket.  You see, I had reserved a seat on the cheap-bus up to Philadelphia for a simple day trip.  I had about seven hours to spend in Philadelphia, before jumping on a bus headed back home.  Everything went well that morning.  I got on the bus, had a good time in Philly, saw some sites, and headed back to the bus stop.  That’s when the trip took a turn for the worse.   Continue Reading…

Fix Your Prayer LifeIf you are anything like me, often my prayer life can turn into the same old grind.  I find myself struggling to stay focused, staying in bed instead of getting up to pray, and neglecting my time communicating with God.  My life seems to go through phases, where prayer will be super important to me, and then I get stressed or distracted and prayer looses its priority.  So how do I fix that?  How do others fix it in their own lives? Continue Reading…

How to Get Un-Stuck


How to Get Un-StuckOne of the most frustrating feelings is feeling stuck.  Stuck with a problem, stuck in a job, stuck emotionally, or stuck in your train of thought.  It’s not a fun place to be, and often the temptation is to simply wallow in our stuck-ness.  We throw up our hands and just give up.  But I’ve learned that the difference between those who get un-stuck the quickest do something different.  They don’t just give up and wait for time to un-stick them, but rather they take a more proactive approach. Continue Reading…