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I’ve always been a Denver Broncos fan.  I’ve followed the team (albeit loosely) since the days of John Elway and Terrell Davis.  Now there seems to be some sort of recent phenomenon.  The Tebow effect.  The fact that one man comes in, turns a team around, gives God credit, and becomes the sports news item of the year.  Christians are jumping on board, and making Tim Tebow the most incredible role model of all time.  I know tons of bloggers have written on Tebow’s faith, the pros and cons of his open faith.

But what if Tebow fails?

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“I love Jesus, but not the church” has become the mantra for my generation. 

But I absolutely disagree.  I know of the injustices done in the name of the church: the abuse, the scandal, the picketing, the hate.   I know those stories, I’ve read those articles, I’ve met some of those kinds of pastors… yet I still have hope for the church. Continue Reading…