To Accept, Copy, or Flee?


To Accept, Copy, or Flee?This is the time of year when Christians across the country make a decision.  Whether they will engage culture, copy it, or flee from it.  Obviously no one phrases it that way.  But they make that choice when they decide if and how they’ll celebrate Halloween.

This is the time of year when some will abstain from celebrating Halloween because of it’s shady history, and it’s ties to the occult.  Others will instead participate in Halloween celebrations at a church under the disguise of a “Fall Festival.”  Others will jump in with both feet and decorate their porch, hand out candy, and wear costumes never thinking twice about the occult background of the day.  Who is right?

There isn’t really a correct answer to who is right.  They are all interacting with Halloween in a way that identifies with how they see culture.  Those who refuse to participate are simply withdrawing from culture.  They value being “set apart” and being different.  Those who attend a Fall Festival in full costume are merely copying culture.  They are taking something they believe to be wrong, copying it, and giving it a Christian name.  Then there are those who simply accept culture for what it is.  They celebrate Halloween because it’s fun, or because they don’t believe the origin of the holiday is important.

Those three positions are taken by individuals who have Scripture to back up why they participate the way they do.  We can’t easily write off one of these positions as the “crazy” person because there are excellent reasons for people to fall into each category.

Yet, I don’t really identify with any of those positions.

Rather, than accept Halloween, or to copy it into a Christian version of Halloween, or to flee the holiday, my wife and I simply try to engage the holiday.  Halloween gives us an excellent opportunity to meet our neighbors (and I don’t mean handing them a track instead of candy).  It gives me an opportunity to sit on my porch, meet parents and kids, and make some connections.  I won’t be preaching from my doorstep, but simply building relationships, offering good candy (none of that store brand junk) and maybe a cup of coffee to parents.

Regardless of whether it’s Satan’s holiday or not, we as Christians have an opportunity to not simply accept, copy or flee, but to really redeem Halloween.

One response to To Accept, Copy, or Flee?

  1. Pretty sure you have summed it up in a nutshell. To redeem it, and to engage those around us. Couldn’t agree more.