England Clamps Down on Pornography


England Clamps Down on PornographyYesterday the Prime Minister of Great Britain announced that internet service providers (the people you pay to have internet) weren’t going to allow pornography as a default.  For those still wanting to view it, they have to call in and request access.  The Prime Minister pointed to the ill effects that pornography has on children for the primary reason for his decision. 

But despite the children, I wonder how many marriages this might help or hinder?  Perhaps a wife finds out her husband opted to allow pornography on their internet, or maybe this will cut off someone’s actions who happens to be viewing pornography in secret.  This decision could be the chance for some to break free from an addiction, and it might mean the end of marriages.

Regardless of what the individual consequences are, I believe this will spark many conversations in homes across the country.  I think that this one announcement from the Prime Minister will force the entire nation into discussing pornography.  And for a topic that people most often avoid talking about, honest conversation about it is a good thing.

I’ll be praying for those in Britain who might be struggling with pornography, for their loved ones, and for God to restore them. 

3 responses to England Clamps Down on Pornography

  1. I had a lot of the same questions, Seth. It’s going to be interesting as they revive a bit of what seems like an old-fashioned system of…well, morality!

  2. No marriages will end because of this legislature. If people divorce when porn/deception is discovered, the marriage was already done.

    • I’d tend to agree, but they might “officially” end because of it. However, perhaps this might inspire some openness in marriages that can be saved.