How to Get a Master’s Degree


How to Get a Masters DegreeClose to five years ago I decided I wanted to get a Masters of Arts degree.  I picked my school and was off to the races.  My first semester, I finished no problem.  My second semester I began dragging my feet, and it took me years before I was starting my third semester.  It got to the point, where I had simply quit.  I had thrown in the towel, and began rationalizing why I didn’t need to finish. 

But then my family stepped in.  One evening while they were visiting, the four people I love the most told me I needed to finish.  It wasn’t a full on intervention, because no one cried, but it was pretty close.  It was my brother who spoke most bluntly,

“Get off your butt and finish.”

So these last 6 months I’ve done just that.  Flying through the rest of my third sememster and completing my fourth, yesterday my degree came to a close.

Having people around us in vital if we ever want to reach our goals.  People to encourage us along the way.  People to challenge us when we want to quit.

The secret to success often isn’t trying harder, it’s people.

Who in your life has been an encourager and pushed you to finish something?