It Takes a Village to Save an Idiot


It Takes a Village to Save an IdiotLast Friday was a day I won’t forget next time I book a cheap bus ticket.  You see, I had reserved a seat on the cheap-bus up to Philadelphia for a simple day trip.  I had about seven hours to spend in Philadelphia, before jumping on a bus headed back home.  Everything went well that morning.  I got on the bus, had a good time in Philly, saw some sites, and headed back to the bus stop.  That’s when the trip took a turn for the worse.  

I showed up at the bus stop ten minutes before my bus home, and was informed that the driver had left five minutes earlier.  After speaking with the guy helping people load onto the correct busses I learned that I could get to DC on the next bus, not back to Hampton Roads.  Washington DC is still about three hours (no traffic) from home, but it’s closer than Philly.  I called my wife, and asked her to come get me that night at 10pm when the bus would arrive.

A few minutes later I get a call back, and Bethany told me that one of our mutual friends, Nicki, has some friends in DC who are coming down to Hampton Roads the next morning.  Plus, they have a spare bedroom where I can sleep.  Once I get to DC, after a short metro ride, I get picked up by Adam (Nicki’s friend).  I met Lindsey, his wife, when we arrived at their beautiful home, and soon afterwards I crash.  The next morning they brought me down with them on their trip.

I know I shouldn’t be amazed at the willingness of the church to serve others, but often I am.  Standing in Philadelphia I had already begun researching rental cars, Amtrak tickets, and a variety of other ways to get home.  I honestly figured I would need to figure out how to do it on my own.  Yet even though I felt alone in Philadelphia, I wasn’t really alone.  I had an army of friends willing to do anything to help me out.

I should mention that besides Adam and Lindsey, and Nicki (who got me in touch with them), there were several others who offered to drop everything and come get me.  There were even more that would have been willing had I called them.  All of this just serves to remind me how blessed I really am.

In what ways are you blessed beyond what you deserve?

One response to It Takes a Village to Save an Idiot

  1. Your story shows the importance of having good and trusted friends. I’ve been blessed to connect and build relationships with so many wonderful people online and offline.