Fix Your Prayer Life


Fix Your Prayer LifeIf you are anything like me, often my prayer life can turn into the same old grind.  I find myself struggling to stay focused, staying in bed instead of getting up to pray, and neglecting my time communicating with God.  My life seems to go through phases, where prayer will be super important to me, and then I get stressed or distracted and prayer looses its priority.  So how do I fix that?  How do others fix it in their own lives?

When something isn’t working, the temptation is to keep trying it, and assuming that it’ll work out eventually.

Yet, rarely does that work effectively.  But what if we did something different?  Anything different.  I’m normally a silent pray-er so what if I prayed aloud?  Or perhaps wrote out my prayers?  Maybe if you pray sitting in your living room, you went out and sat on the porch, or laid on the floor?  A small change in style or posture or location can make your prayer life totally different.

What if you mixed up the contents of your prayers?  If you’re a big picture kind of person, pray for specific needs of those in your life, or vice versa.  There’s many different things we can do to introduce variety into our time with God.  And who knows, maybe that little change will plunge us back deep into our prayers.  Maybe through changing something as simple as how we pray can inspire us to connect with God on a deeper level.  Maybe a little change can fix our lifeless prayers.

If you pray, how do you normally pray?

3 responses to Fix Your Prayer Life

  1. Thanks, Seth. I just shared this with my high school girls small group. I love it because you give some very practical advice. We can all use a tune-up and shake-down!

  2. joyce cormican 05/07/2013 at 8:57 PM

    It helps if I am alone, and can pray out loud, and read the Bible out loud. The more inspiration I receive through the Word, music, pictures, the beauty of nature, the more I want to thank God. And when I take time to think about all that God has done for me, and is doing, it makes me want ot thank Him more. When I am reminded how much I need Him, it makes me come to Him for help.
    And when I think of what other people have to go through, and that they need the Lord, it motivates me to pray for them. We need to take time to remind ourselves every day all that we have to be thankful for, and that God loves to here from us.