Did Christians Kill Tim Tebow’s Career?


TebowAs Christians we love our “Christian” celebrities.  Whether it’s Kirk Cameron, the Duck Dynasty family, or Tim Tebow; we simply love having someone who represents us in the media.  We buy their stuff, watch their content religiously, and say things like “It’s so nice to see faith positively depicted in the media.”  However, it seems that all this affection seems to come with a price.  And the price isn’t on us, our Christian representative is the one who has to pay.

Recently Tim Tebow was cut from the New York Jets.  That’s right, our favorite outspoken Christian quarterback has now rode the bench for two teams in two years, and is now struggling, trying to find team number three.  Now, there are plenty of teams out there who would be lucky to land Tebow.  There are lots of teams that really need a quarterback.  Yet, Tebow remains unsigned.

One would wonder how a quarterback with a playoff win, several miraculous comebacks, still a long career ahead of him, and a humble personality wouldn’t get picked up immediately.  Well, several coaches have made it clear that it’s not Tebow that’s the problem.  It’s us.

Teams are staying away from Tim Tebow because of the Christians he brings along as baggage.

Christians are the ones who chant Tebow around the 3rd quarter when their team is behind.  Christians are the ones who second-guess the coach or who whine about the management of a team because Tebow isn’t seeing playing time.  Christians act like the aggressive parent who calls their child’s coach and asks why little Timmy isn’t starting.

Unfortunately, Christians are the reason Tebow can’t find a job right now.

Perhaps the problem is that we’ve become very adept at building idols.  Whether it’s political issues, or Christian celebrities, or even things like our kids or our jobs.  I’m not really sure how to get Tebow a job, but the one thing I am sure of is that I need to clear out some of the idols in my life.

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10 responses to Did Christians Kill Tim Tebow’s Career?

  1. Awesome, Seth. And very much needed words. And doesn’t it make us look all the more foolish that our idol now can’t find work?

  2. Hi Seth. I can respect where you’re going with this article and I believer there’s a healthy dose of truth there. At the same time, I think it’s a stretch. Teams want athletes that draw attention. There are fiery, crazed fans all around every stadium I’ve ever been in. Fans hate it when their fave doesn’t get playing time. That’s sports. To ask the question is realistic, “Why don’t people want Tebow?”—but I think the conclusions run deeper than “those crazy Christians” What does it say about the world? On the other hand, I too am turned off when anyone acts the “aggressive parent” part, especially fellow believers–That’s a cool analogy. Just my two cents. Thanks for posting though, definitely thought-provoking. Have a great day!

  3. Hi Seth. This just scratches the surface of the problems that Christians are having with being salt and light in our culture. We need to start becoming more able to relate to the world rather than acting like some exclusive club. Dealing with idols is certainly something we need to start taking seriously. Thanks for the post; it’s very thought provoking!

  4. One playoff win. Just one

  5. Nathan Caddell 05/30/2013 at 12:47 PM

    This is good post man, and I think there are some very good truths in here, but there is one thing that you seem to be overlooking…. Tebow isn’t that good. I still love Jesus, I promise! He’s a nice guy, with good moral value, but the dude has a crappy spiral, like Peyton Manning bad, but with half the arm strength. The reality is, its not all Christians faults. Yeah, we aren’t helping the guys case at all, but let’s be real… if the guy played QB like Tom Brady, any team would put up with the crazy Christian “baggage” that came with Tebow. He killed it in college, so Urban Meyer didn’t have to put up with any of that, but now he’s out of his element, playing a style of football that he’s not suited for. So before can blame all Christians, we have to face the fact, that if the guy was as good a football player as we make him out to be, he would easily land a job despite how hard we have made it for him. I would like to note that I like Tim Tebow, and hope someone picks him up as a QB and give him a shot. He’s not gonna be the best in the league, but he’s better than some of the starters in the NFL… except Brandon Weeden… he’s the best!

    • I do agree that Tebow is not the greatest QB, and that he could be a great player if he was willing to switch positions, however, the article that got me thinking for this post interviewed multiple coaches as to why they didn’t pick him up. Those coaches were the ones who said it was the fanatical following that they didn’t want to deal with. Perhaps they were using it as an excuse, or perhaps they aren’t willing to put up with the baggage for a back up QB.


      • Nathan Caddell 05/30/2013 at 1:25 PM

        I agree. Read the article, and I agree. I think it’s true that coaches don’t want to put up with the frenzy that comes with Tebow. I’m saying, though, that the reason they don’t want to put up with Tebow’s crazy following is because the talent he brings isn’t worth to the table. If he was super talented, a coach would put up with the cult-like fans. But he’s a mediocre player, guaranteed 2nd string, possible starter. If he was a guaranteed starting QB… he’d have a job, despite us.

        • Nathan Caddell 05/30/2013 at 1:27 PM

          P.S. my grammar is terrible. The talent he brings to the table isn’t worth putting up with his crazy fans… the end