How to Get Un-Stuck


How to Get Un-StuckOne of the most frustrating feelings is feeling stuck.  Stuck with a problem, stuck in a job, stuck emotionally, or stuck in your train of thought.  It’s not a fun place to be, and often the temptation is to simply wallow in our stuck-ness.  We throw up our hands and just give up.  But I’ve learned that the difference between those who get un-stuck the quickest do something different.  They don’t just give up and wait for time to un-stick them, but rather they take a more proactive approach.

To conquer being stuck we must continue moving.

That might mean coming at the problem from a different direction, or thinking outside the box.  For those who get stuck in a job, it might mean creating an element of their job that they truly enjoy.  For those who get stuck in grief, it might just be leaning into it.  Yet, regardless of what has us stuck, if we want to get through it, we can’t just sit down.  We need to view being stuck as a temporary setback, not a life sentence.

This works spiritually as well.  Perhaps you feel stuck in your prayer life.  You just don’t feel the passion for it like you used to.  Keep moving.  Trying a different style of praying, try praying at a different time of day, trying something different, just keep moving.  Maybe you feel like your spiritual life is stuck, that you aren’t growing.  Try volunteering somewhere, or giving something away, or joining a small group.  Just keep moving.

When have you been stuck?  What was it that eventually got you un-stuck?