They Will Know We Are Christians By Our… Political Opinions?


They Will Know We are Christians by Our Political Opinions?Politics are a hairy animal.  Every couple years grown men and women act like children, and the country is supposed to decide who has the leadership capabilities to fix our country (since it always seems to need fixing).  The problem with this system is that Christians make up a powerful voting block in this country, and politicians all try to get us on their side.  Need someone to support gun control?  Christians.  Need someone to support the 2nd Amendment? Christians.  Need someone to make to spread my message?  Christians are great at Facebook forwards (just look at all the sunset and Bible verse posts out there).

The real challenge is that Jesus wasn’t a political figurehead.  Rather He simply told us to “render unto Caesars that which is Caesars.”  Interestingly that he forgot to tell us which party to vote for, and he never mentioned what political issues were important.  We do know where He stood on taking care of the poor, on loving our neighbors, and on sharing the radical concept of grace with others.

So why do we look so different from Jesus when it comes to election time?  Why do we make blanket statements like “All Christians should be Republicans” or “If Christians cared about the poor they’d all be Democrats.”

Maybe I’m just cranky because I’ve had to block lots of Facebook hate-mongering by Christians from both sides, but maybe Jesus wanted something more from our energy.  Perhaps if instead of blindly bickering with one another we should simply love one another.  Maybe instead of worrying if our neighbors are getting welfare and we should take them cookies.  Perhaps instead of worrying about whether I can go buy an AK-47 off craigslist we should be volunteering in schools.  Maybe Jesus didn’t offer a clear cut Republican or Democrat position, but rather something that was outside of American politics.  Something closer to love, and a little more respectful.

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  1. Jesus would ask us like He asked Paul when he was Saul.
    “Saul, why are you persecuting me”?
    So Paul gives us his answer. He only preaches and teaches that we should be about sharing the Gospel.
    If Christians are to be vilified or hated for anything. It shouldn’t be for our political or social stand.
    We should only be hated and persecuted for our sharing His love and Grace found in the good news. The Gospel about the person and works of Jesus Christ.
    If the church isn’t taking this stand every week in its preaching and teaching. Then it is not being the Ambassador it has been called to be.
    An Ambassador doesn’t change or deliver the message the Ambassador wants. He is to only deliver the message the King wants delivered.
    And Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15 that the Gospel message is of First Importance. Not cleverly invented stories and not itching ears.
    Then our response to that message of grace is to live gracious lives in gratitude of the grace we have received. Loving God and Loving others.
    Grace and Peace,

    • “If Christians are to be vilified or hated for anything. It shouldn’t be for our political or social stand.” – Right on, Chris.

      I agree that if we are going to be persecuted, I’d much rather it be for something eternal rather than for something silly like who I voted for in the last election.

  2. I’ve been talking about this on my website as well Seth. I think we are missing the plot in the midst of zeal. The causes are not wrong. But it is wrong to forget about people in the midst of causes. Thanks bro.

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