The God of Galactic Peace and Pet Turtles


The God of Galactic Peace and Pet TurtlesThe other afternoon I found myself one of the children’s classes at church.  We were having a party, and as we ate I noticed their prayer request board.  The photo is perhaps two of my favorite prayer requests of all time.  One child requested prayer for galactic peace, and a moment later another child (presumably Hannah) asked prayer for her turtle.  I love the heart behind both of those requests.

It’s like the first child knows God’s incredible power, and wants the galaxy to be at peace (he may or may not have watched too much Star Wars).  The second one knows God’s incredible love, and know He cares about the details of her life.  Often I forget about one of those things, and my prayer life changes. 

A passionate prayer life requires us to always be aware of God’s power and God’s love.

I forget about his love, and I request big things without ever sharing what’s really on my heart.  I somehow think that I’d be wasting His time with my requests about my job, or my vehicles, or a pet turtle.  I focus so much on God’s power that I can’t imagine Him caring about those insignificant things.

On the other hand I often get so caught up in praying for myself that I forget God’s incredible power.  I’m busy asking Him to help me sleep better, or help me get through my next Master’s class, that I never pray for the big things.  I never ask God to change the world, to bring peace to the hopeless, or to bring about galactic peace.  I’m so focused on me, I forget God’s power to reconcile the world to Himself.

Do you find yourself slipping to one side or the other in this paradigm?  Which side?  Why do you think you tend to favor that way?

One response to The God of Galactic Peace and Pet Turtles

  1. I tend to slip towards the side of God’s power and glory. Even in the midst of what can be a selfish prayer, I will still tend to ultimately lean on His power to bring about reconciliation and galatic peace. In part, I think this is because we sometimes are forgetful of how much He cares for the details of our lives; that there is a desire for a deep and intimate relationship with us. Great post.