Does God Mind Bad Theology?


Does God Mind Bad Theology?I’m a pastor so I’ve heard more than my fair share of bad theology.  Anyone who works at a church can attest to this fact.  Pastors hear lots of bad theology, we even get accused on bad theology on occasion.  But last week I overheard some bad theology, and began to wonder if God minds it, or if he can use it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that teachers are held to a higher standard, and that obviously we want to communicate the gospel as accurately as possible.  Yet, I wonder if God can work in spite or even through our misinterpretations.  I think he can.  I think it’s fully possible for God to move in a way we don’t expect, for Him to allow someone to cling to an out of context verse when they have nothing else.  We shouldn’t use this as an excuse to propagate bad theology just because it’s warm and fuzzy, but maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to write others off just because they don’t have the same view we do.

When have you seen God use theology you don’t agree with to move in someone’s life?

2 responses to Does God Mind Bad Theology?

  1. God’s word does not return to him empty. Paul said so long as the Christ is preached, he doesn’t care about the details. I think we fall into the temptation to elevate minors into majors and forget God is bigger than our interpretations and wiser than our wisdom. Yes we need to be careful that we remain true to the Gospel, but at the same time trust that God will ultimately reveal the truth

  2. joyce cormican 02/19/2013 at 8:17 PM

    I agree with that comment! God’s Word is alive and active, and can apply to many things.
    What I don’t think is right is when people take a verse and build a theory such as evolution, homosexuality, or premillinialism, ignoring the other verses in the Bible. We need to help people
    listen to God’s Word and not to false prophets.