Old Testament Failures


Old Testament FailuresLet me be completely honest with you.  For years, I didn’t like Hebrews chapter 11.  For those who don’t know, Hebrews 11 is often considered the hall of fame of Christianity.  All the Old Testament hotshots are in there.  Yet, I never really liked it.

My main reason was I knew too much about some of the people in the chapter.  It’s full of people who have done some awesome things for God, but who have also done some terrible things.  The chapter includes heroes of the faith, who also happen to be womanizers, drunks, liars, schemers, doubters, adulterers, and more.  Failures.  The chapter is full of people who all had skeletons in their closets, who did some awesome things, but failed tragically in other areas.

Yet, the beauty of Hebrews 11 is that I too am a failure.

If the Bible wiped out those blemishes on those lives mentioned, then I would be hopeless.  I’d read it and know there was no way I could ever be like that.  The beauty of Hebrews 11 isn’t the amount of faith these people showed, it’s their failures.  Because all of a sudden it isn’t a chapter about awesome people, it’s about the faith of very real people.  When I fail, I’m reminded that I’m in good company, and God isn’t done with me yet.

When has God worked through your failure?

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  1. joyce cormican 01/09/2013 at 4:46 PM

    All my life! I am amazed at how God has used me in so many ways in spite of my weaknesses and selfishness. He has taught me to rely on Him. Only His power and wisdom make it possible for me to serve Him. It is good that He has put these Bible characters in front of us, so we can relate. And He shows us over and over again how He brings good out of bad. It illustrates
    Romans 8:28 very well.

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