I’m not a Parent yet, but…


I'm not a Parent yet, butI’m not a parent yet, but someday I would like to be.  Over the last few years of marriage, my wife and I have noticed when parents do something awesome and verbally tell each other, “we need to make sure we’re like that.”  Last night I had the chance of having another one of those moments while out serving alongside some awesome people from my church.

I went last night to help serve a meal to the homeless in our area.  I didn’t do much beside dump corn on a plate and pass it down to the next server, but it was an awesome experience.  Seeing others serve, and offering physical help to those who need it is a powerful experience in and of itself.  Adding the fact that parents brought their kids was even better.

I watched as kids in elementary handed out plates.  I heard a couple teenagers explain that they’ve been participating in this ministry since they were ten.  I want to be that kind of parent.  The kind that encourages their kids to serve others.  The kind that doesn’t let the false-stereotype of the homeless stop me from teaching my kids what it means to serve others.

As I watched, and laughed, and served alongside these awesome families, I thought to myself, “We need to make sure we’re like that.”

What valuable lessons did your parents teach you when you were a kid?

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  1. This is a great thing to follow.

    A few years ago, my wife and I started a group called H.O.P.E. which stands for Helping Other People Everywhere (you can find us on FB by searching HOPEontheway). The group consists of families and individuals who want to practically serve those in their communities. Our kids are an important part of the group. They are learning, but they are also teaching the adults along the way.