Goals, Resolutions, Life-Changes, or Evaluation.


Goals, Resolutions, Life-Changes, or EvaluationI talk to people on a regular basis who want to do different things.  “I want to start a business.”  “I want to publish a novel.”  “I want to go back to school.”  In fact, I’m one of those people, I want to do a ton of stuff.  Everything from go back to school to getting my novel finalized and published.  Yet, I’ve learned one important fact.  What I do now matters.  For years I wanted to be an author, but never wrote anything.  That doesn’t work.  I’ve been “working” on my master’s degree for years, but haven’t made much progress until recently.

I’m getting the exact results I should have expected.

If you want to open a bakery, but don’t bake, or if you want to run a marathon, but sit on the couch every night.  The results you’re getting now, are based on your everyday actions.  I want to run a 5k later this spring, so I get up each morning and do some form of cardio.  I want to finish my novel, so I spend every spare moment editing it.  You get the idea.

This is a time of the year where most of us look back at what we accomplished last year and what we want to accomplish this year.  Whether you call it goals, resolutions, life-changes, or evaluation doesn’t matter.  That’s simply semantics.  The point isn’t the verbage, the point is the actions.

What do you want to eventually accomplish?  And how are you working on that now? 

One response to Goals, Resolutions, Life-Changes, or Evaluation.

  1. I want to eventually accomplish a 10 mile run and a Spartan Race. I’m working on that now by running 3-4 times per week in increasing measure as well as adding in weights and strength training.

    I also want to obtain a master’s degree. Unfortunately, I have not been making much progress in pursuing that lately.