Top Books I Read in 2012 – Part 2


Top Books I Read in 2012 Part 2.jpgMonday’s post had my 6-10 of my favorite books I read in 2012.  Today’s list finishes it off. 

5 – Onward – Howard Schultz

Great read about Starbucks.  How they have innovated time and again, over and over.  I’ve always wanted loved good coffee, but this book made me love Starbucks.

4 – Platform – Michael Hyatt

If you’re a creative person, then you need to read this book.  For writers, musicians, actors, and all other creative types this book is a must read.

3 – Every Bush is Burning – Brandon Clements

Most self-published stuff stinks.  However, Brandon Clements has restored my faith in incredible self-published books.  This book is probably a little too real to consider it Christian Fiction, but Clements approaches real life from a Christian worldview.  This book is only .99 on Amazon, you have no excuse not to check it out.

2 – Steal Like an Artist – Austin Kleon

If you create for a living or for a hobby then you must read this book.  Lots of pictures and a quick read, but it’ll make you think for days after you’ve put it back on the shelf.

1 – Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

A novel blending the future of social media, technology, how relationships work online, and 80’s pop culture.  For me, this novel takes the cake.  Hands down, my favorite book I read in 2012.  If you are looking for one good novel to check out, make it this one.

What did I miss?  What was the best book you read in 2012?

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3 responses to Top Books I Read in 2012 – Part 2

  1. Read both parts and really liked these books. I plan on reading Steve Jobs biography next year. I read Platform and that was a great book!!! I would add John Maxwell’s book on the Laws of Growth and Wild at Heart by John Eldredge both are great books.

  2. Matthew Fehl 12/20/2012 at 8:55 AM

    I read Steal Like An Artist this year also. Picked it up on impulse at a bookstore. I agree it is a simple, short read but one that will encourage people to not leave “creating” to the “creative types”. It’s inspired me to work on a license plate project. Should be interesting!

  3. Great choices. I actually just got Michael Hyatt’s book!