You Can Stop Being Thankful on Friday


You Can Stop Being Thankful on FridayThanksgiving is right around the corner.  That one day where we sit around being thankful for stuff, and over eat turkey and other delicious food.  I become more thankful for football and naps as the day wears on.

But then Friday we celebrate the holiday of dissatisfaction.  We stand in line for hours to get a new bigger tv, or to buy our kids even more stuff.  The turkey hangover turns into a coffee buzz as thankfulness takes a backseat to materialism. 

We forget for a time that money can’t buy happiness, and in the process charge up a year worth of low monthly payments.

So for those who are dissatisfied with being so thankful, don’t worry.  Because you can stop being thankful on Friday.  I can go back to focusing on myself, and what I want, what would make me happy.  Or can I?

Perhaps the answer lies more in the question of should I.  Of course I can, but should I?  Should I fight for the opportunity to buy another tv?  Should I cut out of turkey day early since the sales start now at 8pm?

Maybe we should hold on to Thanksgiving a little longer, maybe by holding onto Thanksgiving we can find Christmas so much more enjoyable.

3 responses to You Can Stop Being Thankful on Friday

  1. I am a new reader here from No Superheroes. I try to giggle and laugh off the people who go on and on planning about Black Friday. The truth is that it really bothers me deep down that there are Christians that are so wrapped up in the consumeristic culture that they plan ahead as to how much they can get on that day. I like the idea of holding on to Thanksgiving longer. Thanks.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by, Andrea. I’m the same way… It seems crazy that Christians can spend some much time talking about being thankful and then get wrapped up like that on Black Friday.

  3. Great thoughts Seth. Just found your post over at Team Faith builder. Am doing a post on great thanksgiving articles and yours is a great addition. Blessings!