Why Should I Start Something Epic?


Starting Something EpicWhen was the last time you started something huge?  I mean huge, not “pretty big” or even “really big.”  I mean, huge; epic even.

The larger the project the greater the satisfaction upon completion.

The last project I worked on of epic proportions was at my church.  In the last year we’ve done a massive project for Haiti.  We packaged 100,000 meals, built walls to 6 homes, and then went to Haiti to finish building the homes.  Absolutely mind boggling.  To be honest, I was humbled to just be a part of the whole thing.  It was something I won’t ever forget, for me it was a perfect example of the church doing what she should be doing. 

Today I’m starting another huge project.  I’m starting my second novel.  I finished the first draft of my first novel just under a year ago and have been working on editing it and getting it ready for publishing (hopefully Spring or Summer 2013).  Now I’m jumping back into another huge project.

Those who attempt nothing always accomplish it.

Give it a shot.  Begin preparing to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do.  Maybe it’s a missions trip, maybe it’s volunteering at the homeless shelter, maybe it’s calling that person you haven’t spoken to in forever, or recording an album, or learning to paint, or going back for that degree.  Whatever it is I can promise you that it won’t be easy, but then again few things worth doing ever are.

What is your next project (at home, at the office, in your family, etc.)?