What is Your Church Known For?


What is Your Church Known ForLast Friday amidst the chaos of Black Friday shopping, I had the privilege of working alongside a bunch of volunteers from my church as we gave out coffee and hot chocolate to shoppers.  It’s one of my favorite events of the year, the giving away part, not the shopping.  Perhaps my favorite part was the people who knew who we were because we were giving out free coffee.

I love that my church is known as a generous church.

I think all churches should be seen that way, they should be considered an asset to the community.  But too many of us take.  We assume those outside of God’s kingdom should pay for the work of the kingdom, and through fundraisers and door to door harassment evangelism we’ve lost our credibility.  People view churches like a burden, rather than a blessing.

If your church disappeared tomorrow, would anyone outside of it miss it?

That’s the question I ask myself.  That’s the question I want to be able to answer yes to.

What about you?  What do you think your church is known for?

One response to What is Your Church Known For?

  1. I know that the families of 600 children that attend our VBS would miss our church. I know that the people in the community that have new handicap ramps for their homes would miss our church. I know that the people in Haiti, Romania, Columbia would miss our church. These outreach projects we do are important . More important though I think of all the Baptisms I have witnessed over the years and the possibility those people might have missed out on life ever lasting.