The Elephant (and Donkey) in the Room


The Elephant and Donkey in the RoomUnless you don’t live in America, you’ve probably noticed we recently had an election.  That means half of your friends are smug, and the other half are in a deep dark depression.  The problem is that we’re getting worked up about the wrong things.  People posted volumes of political spam on Facebook in the last month.  Because we believed we were making a difference.  We were fighting for our team; we were helping spread the word.  We were good Americans and therefore, we blindly followed our leaders, for some it was Fox News for others it was MSNBC.

The problem is we missed the most important thing about the election.

It won’t fix the world.

Neither Obama nor Romney nor whatever third party candidate you voted for can change the world.  They just can’t change people’s hearts.  I wish advancing the kingdom was as easy as filling in a little bubble, but it isn’t.  I wish advancing the kingdom was as easy and sharing an article on Facebook, but it isn’t.

I’m not saying don’t vote, I’m saying there’s something more important to get passionate about.  This week we watched millions of Americans put their hope in something that won’t last.  They thought everything would be perfect if their candidate got elected, but it won’t.

Unfortunately the Kingdom won’t be advanced unless we are willing to get out there and live like Jesus did.  What if we forgot about bi-partisian and focused on bi-denominational?  What if we focused on getting out of our comfort zone, rather than getting out the vote?  I think we’d probably accomplish something a little more eternal.

What’s your favorite part of the election being over?