Praying for Dummies


Praying for DummiesI’m not an expert on praying.  Don’t get me wrong, I pray.  I pray for people, I pray out of gratitude, I pray to win the lottery occasionally (it doesn’t hurt my chances).  But I’ve never been an expert, I’m probably closer to the dummy.  I’m never been someone who spends 4 hours in prayer each day.  To be honest, I don’t know if I’d spend 4 hours in prayer if I had the time.  However, I have learned to pray in the spare moments.  Brother Lawrence called it “practicing the presence of God.”  Where God is constantly on our minds, our life is a conversation with him.

I use the Jesus Prayer to help me practice the presence of God.


“Jesus Christ, Son of God

Have mercy on me a sinner.”


That’s it.  That’s my prayer strategy.  Constantly reminding myself of this throughout the day.  Focusing on each word of it, each day helps me not take things for granted.  Sure, I mess up, sure I forget God’s presence occasionally.  But this simple prayer draws me back into the right mindset.

I’d encourage you to try it today.  I’ve said this prayer at my office, in the car, while giving plasma, while working in the yard, while falling asleep, while flying in an airplane, while in a tanning bed.  The point is, you can remind yourself of this simple fact anytime.  Hopefully it encourages and humbles you the same way it does for me.

Hopefully it helps you practice the presence of God.

One response to Praying for Dummies

  1. You are on the right track. The Jesus Prayer is the way to keep the Holy One always in our minds. As to praying 4 hours a day. I can do that with Joy. There is so much in need of prayer.