Parenting the Facebook Generation


Parenting the Facebook GenerationI had incredible parents.  They taught me everything from how to find the right girl to how to build a website.  Earlier this week I was thinking about all the stuff they taught me, and how one day I hope to teach my kids those same kind of things.  The main focus of my thoughts were on the digital things they taught me.  My parents were pretty cutting edge (which is weird to hear myself say) in the tech world, at least my dad was (sorry mom).

My dad taught me how to get an email, how to make wise choices online, and how to figure stuff out on a computer.  These lessons eventually pushed me towards wanting to work on computer software, until Jesus decided to make me a pastor. 

The point of all this is parents have an incredible opportunity to teach their kids lots of things.  Things like talking, and walking, and manners.  But also things like how to use Facebook, how to build a blog, how to create a platform.

This current generation of parents is the first to have to deal with this, no other generation of parents have had to teach their kids what a virus on Facebook looks like, or teach them the difference between an @-reply and a Direct Message on Twitter.

Last night I had the chance to encourage parents, to walk them through what it looks like to parent a Facebook generation.  I hope I encouraged them because to be honest, I’m excited about working with that generation.

If you’re interested in the slideshow from my presentation last night, you can click here to download it.

What is something awesome your parents taught you how to do?