Hesitation for Appreciation?


Hesitation for AppreciationI don’t appreciate people enough.  I try to, but for some reason I remember to appreciate people when they aren’t around and after appropriate phone calling hours.  Then when I wake up, the thought has disappeared.  I go about my life back to focusing on myself, and not taking time to thank those who contribute so much.

Working at a church means I’m constantly indebted to those who make ministry happen.  The countless volunteers who take time out of their already busy lives to greet people in the parking lot, or help organize our huge outreach events, or lead a community group each week.  I might be getting the paycheck, but those are the hands and feet of ministry.  The ones who willingly jump in with both feet and deal with the messiness of a recovery program, or a support group are the ones who deserve my thanks.

But not today.  Today I will tell them.  I will send texts, and make calls, and say, “Thank you.”  I’ll write a couple thank you cards.  I will intentionally be thankful for the investment of others.  Because they need to know.  Those who help me with everything from projects to problems at work or home in a professional or social way.  They all need to know how much I appreciate them and their time, their wisdom, their encouragement.

Who do you need to appreciate today? 

2 responses to Hesitation for Appreciation?

  1. I am bad about giving thanks as well. One of my goals for this year has been to say Thank You more often. When I think something nice about people, I say it to them. Not a fool proof plan, but better than nothing. Good luck!

  2. Thank you for this post. A little appreciation goes a long way!