Cliché Thankfulness


Clich ThankfulnessDuring the month of November tons of people on Facebook listed the things they are thankful for.  But I didn’t.  Not because I’m not thankful, but because I normally hate cliché things like that.  Plus, I have a strong feeling that thankfulness shouldn’t end on Thanksgiving at midnight (when everyone goes out shopping).  Rather I think it should carry on through the holiday season.  I think Christmas would be better if we focused less on buying stuff, and more on being thankful.  With that said, here’s 30 things I’m thankful for.

1.  Jesus, God, and our Christian-y stuff.

2.  My wife, because she’s super awesome.

3.  My family, because there’s nothing more fun that getting together to pick on my mom.

4.  My Community Group

5.  My church

6.  Good friends

7.  Anyone who has ever read anything I’ve written, it still blows me away that people do this

8.  Star Wars

9.  Oklahoma State football season

10.  Sitting on my back deck with the fire pit going

11.  Date nights (with my wife)

12.  My awesome collection of books

13.  Coffee

14.  My new leather captain’s chair in my living room

15.  Old people who care more about reaching others than about their preference

16.  The way you can watch the frost melt as the sun comes up

17.  Vinyl Records

18.  Amazon sending me free stuff to review

19.  People who help me fix my cars when they break down

20.  Days off with nothing to do

21.  MacBook, iPad, iPhone, Kindle and other technologies

22.  Making fun of Nickleback and Shawn’s love for them at the same time

23.  The days where I can wear long sleeves and shorts

24.  All the adoptive parents who have invited Bethany and I to their houses for holidays

25.  Physical magazine subscriptions

26.  The Office (TV Show)

27.  That the election is over and people are done spamming my Facebook

28.  My 3-inch memory foam mattress topper

29.  Mumford and Sons, Abandon Kansas, fun., and The Killers.

30.  My wife’s enchiladas

What is missing from my list?  What other things should we be thankful for?

One response to Cliché Thankfulness

  1. joyce cormican 11/30/2012 at 2:40 PM

    Also: clean water, electricity, heat, blankets, eyes, ears, legs for walking, hands to do stuff, sunshine, moon, nature, pictures, books (I know you said that, but I love books!), smiles, memories, The Bible, and grace.