What Would Jesus Do About Penn State?


What Would Jesus Do About Penn State?It is now officially college football season.  Saturday’s are no longer empty days to do chores around the house, they are dedicated to watching football while I do chores around the house.  But one blemish has already marred this college football season.  Yeah, this is another blog post about the Penn State scandal. However, this post differs because I haven’t heard anyone say they want to see Penn State lose this year.

I’m looking forward to cheering against the Nittany Lions.

You see, for those unfamiliar, late last year a child molestation scandal came out and one of the Assistant football coaches was charged.  Joe Paterno, the longtime and much loved coach at Penn State, had known about the crimes, but simply told his superiors and went on his way.

The NCAA decides to rain down heavy punishment on Penn State.  And more people than I can count have talked about how over the top those punishments were.  Now the Nittany Lions are back out there on the field, just 9 months after the whole scandal.

I hope that those involved with the whole situation find forgiveness, grace, peace, and reconciliation.  But I hope Penn State doesn’t win a game this year.  Maybe it would serve as a reminder that some things are more important than college football.  What do I make of this?

Can I as a Christian pray for the Sandusky family, the Paterno family, and all their victims; meanwhile cheering whenever Penn State loses a game?

What does that say about my heart?  Do I take out my ill feelings on a bunch of kids playing on Saturday?  I don’t know what Jesus would do about the football team, but I know he would intercede for those involved with this whole tragedy.  Maybe I should just start there for now.

Who’s your favorite college football team?  How did they do this weekend?

3 responses to What Would Jesus Do About Penn State?

  1. The University of Montana’s football team had a similar situation this past year – I feel sorry for all the football players who weren’t involved in the scandal because people tend to lump the whole team together. I’m glad you’re routing for Penn State.

  2. I’m a Penn State fan (I graduated with my MBA from one of their satellite campuses). I understand your point, but I don’t agree with you. Where does grace fit into all of this? The current students on and off the team had nothing to do with this scandal. Are you saying that they don’t deserve a football season with any wins because they choose to go to a school where people looked the other way? While I respect your decision to cheer against Penn State, I don’t agree. Perhaps, I’m biased.

    • I’m with you that I don’t think it’s necessarily right for me to cheer against them… In fact, I’m not sure i’m comfortable with being happy when they lose. I know there are plenty of students at Penn St that aren’t to blame whatsoever for what happened there, plus Sandusky and those who knew what he was doing are still not beyond grace. It’s just where God is working on me right now. Thanks for your thoughts as an Alum.