Google, NASA, and the Church


Google, NASA, and the ChurchGoogle released an interesting article a couple weeks ago, about the power of their search engine.  Google search has defined our culture in the last few years.  “Google it” is an acceptable answer to just about any question, and the search engine has just gotten better and better.

Google explained that one single Google search has the computing power of the entire Apollo space program.

With a few keystrokes anyone can put into process the same amount of computing power that landed 12 astronauts on the moon.  That’s absolutely crazy.  There’s so much potential in such a powerful tool.

Are churches really utilizing this?  How could churches use this technology to help disciple people?  Or reach those outside the church?  Or to empower their people to make a difference?

I think the potential of the internet is nearly limitless.  Not through Google specifically, but through websites, and phone apps, and technology in our gathering places.  There are churches that have online campuses, churches who distribute their small group curriculum through the internet, blogs, church websites, and apps that let you carry your Bible on your phone.

What is your church doing to utilize the power of technology?

One response to Google, NASA, and the Church

  1. I think the power of technology is just beginning to be tapped and will boom as the younger generation become adults. I just launched an iPhone app this summer that is essentially a tool for spiritual warfare. It has Bible verses and questions that can be used to fight the enemy’s lies in both bad habits and different struggles in life. I never would have thought of putting it out as an app if I hadn’t had teenage boys in my Bible studies suggesting it or a son who is an iPhone app programmer who could program it. While the temptations are more prolific with the invention of greater technology, so are the weapons available for fighting those temptations.