Addiction to iDols


Addiction to iDolsJust a couple days ago the latest iPhone was announced by Apple.  People of course went crazy, staring at computers as the details came out as to what amazing new things Apple had included.  But regardless of if you’re disappointed or excited or unaware of this latest iPhone, I think most of us can admit that more and more people seem to have smart phones.  They’ve become something that’s part status symbol, part communication device, and part escape from boring conversations.

The more smartphones that exist, the more people seem disconnected.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a beef with smartphones, in fact, I just ordered an iPhone 4S the other day.  The problem I see though is that smart phones allow us to connect with anyone anywhere, but many of us struggle to have a conversation with the person sitting next to us.

A device built to help us communicate has helped us avoid communicating with those closest to us.

Sure we feel close to people, we feel like those text messages are conversations, we assume facebook is just like sitting down with friends, but it isn’t.  My wife and I spent the first year of our relationship long distance, so we used Facebook, email, and texting to keep in touch.  But we also planned trips to visit each other.  We planned to spend time together in real life, because being physically present is a totally different experience.

How can you make sure you own your phone, instead of the other way around?

2 responses to Addiction to iDols

  1. So, I have an android device so this doesn’t apply to me… right?

  2. More and more I’m attracted to the idea of having a “phone drop-off” for visitors to my home.