The Passion of Saturday Morning


The Passion of Saturday MorningI’m really excited about football season.  Not just because my Oklahoma State Cowboys are coming off their greatest season in school history, but just because I love college football.  I love camping in front of my television for Saturdays and watching not just my team, but any team.

What if I looked forward to church as much as I did football season?

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy connecting with people each week and catching up.  However, I don’t look forward to it like I do college football.  I do occasionally wake up wishing I could sleep in, instead of going to church.  But why?  Why do I seem to get so excited over something as insignificant as college football, but I don’t get that excited over being with the people who make up the church?

What if people showed up on Sunday morning (or whenever your service is) excited not for the program of church, but the people?  What would your church look like if people felt the electricity of a live football game when they gathered together?  I think it would be radically different.

Where do you go to church and who’s your favorite college football team?

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  1. #jesusjuke

    Just kidding. =) I feel ya. I guess that’s why we’re called “fans” of our favorite football teams (i.e., mine plays their first preseason game in 2 days!). Seeing as how “fan” is short for “fanatic”, it makes sense that we’re crazy about our teams. We just need to channel that energy into something longer-lasting, something eternal.

    Great post, Seth!

  2. I go to Northside and my favorite team is the Georgia Bulldogs. And, I completely agree with your post.

  3. I fell properly Jesus Juked. I’m a Tennessee fan. I go to Calvary Baptist Baptist in Alcoa, TN.

  4. I can tell you one big reason church is not as “exciting”… In a football game there is the excitement of not knowing who will win or how your team will play. With Jesus, we already know who and how He won. So there’s that.

    I know some people who go to church to get an emotional “high”. Should we all look forward to our corporate worship as junkies waiting to get the next “fix”?

    The worthwhile “high” I think is worth seeking is achieved through surrender to God and watching what He is able to achieve through your obedience. Sadly, I myself hold onto control and rarely surrender totally to God’s will and deprive myself of this “high”. We need to find a way to make ourselves more excited about this way of living, not simply church attendance.

    Oh, and I love football, too. 🙂

    • I would agree that I think we need to be more excited about our relationship with Jesus and with other fellow Christians than about attending an event. I think our focus should be getting excited about THE church, not just a service. Great thoughts.

  5. Agreed on all accounts as well. But, we must also remember the value of the gathered community of believers in corporate worship. Sometimes it’s exciting…sometimes it’s painful…sometimes it’s a lot of other things. But, “the event” is important…very important. Worshiping together is an essential aspect of the fellowship of the Church.

    • I would agree, Shawn, that worshipping together is a key aspect of the Christian life, but I think that happens in many ways. Don’t get me wrong. Attending a church service is a key way to interact with other believers and worship together, to remember we aren’t alone in this journey. However, I’m sure you’d agree our spiritual walk can’t end there. It requires a blend of corporate worship, personal reflection, and daily surrendering everything over to God.

      • Yep, of course. That’s why I prefaced my comment with “Agreed on all accounts.” “The blend” as you’ve stated is the perfect approach to the journey.

  6. Michelle Reed 08/08/2012 at 1:28 PM

    “What if I looked forward to church as much as I did football season?” Figure out how to make this happen and you’d have a lot more men filing the seats and at least one less lone attender 🙂 Everything I’ve experienced points to church being to girly–especially for men who have been away from the church..Once you’re in–you get it–but until then—it feel and looks too girly…

    • Michelle, you make a good point. I tough point to swallow, but a good point. I’ve seen some different studies about church’s gearing their services toward men…I’d have to look into it more though. While I understand what you mean by the word “girly”, I think it’s more an emotional thing. Church/services are more emotional situations that men tend to not be as comfortable with. Personally, I think active participation in ministry only adds to a man’s “masculinity,” rather than taking it away. But, I understand the perception. It’s something we have to continue to work on. Thanks for the thoughts.

  7. Admittedly I was attempting to inspire a little dialogue which I did. Fellowship, corporate prayer, and worship through song are awesome and bring me closer to Christ!

    Back to the question on how to generate the same excitement for church as there is for football, I think my friend Dennis is onto something with his Monday night men’s small group: bible study from 7:00-8:30 then watch the game! I looked forward to THaT!

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