Being an Outsider


Being an OutsiderIt’s never fun being on the outside.  You sit looking at the in crowd wishing you were part of it.  We’ve all experienced it at some point or another.  Maybe you started a new job, where everyone is buddy/buddy except you.  Or maybe you have been in a situation where finances, race, gender, or hobbies excluded you from conversation.  I’ve tried faking it a couple times pretending I know something about golf, or cars, or whatever it took to get into the conversation.

But Jesus specialized in loving outsiders.

In fact, in the Gospels we see him ministering to Jews and Gentiles.  Not just his people, the in crowd, but anyone who comes to him.  I love seeing Jesus healing the centurion’s son, the Syro-Phonecian’s daughter, and the Samaritan woman at the well, because I see myself in them.  I too have been on the outside.  I too have desperately needed Jesus to show up in my life.  And I too have experienced his presence.

Jesus ministers to Gentiles in the Gospels because he cares for and loves the outsider.  And it translates so well to today.  If you’ve been on the outside, which all of us have at some point, then Jesus wants to show you his love.  He cares for you, and your problems.

Now if only us Christians could better learn how to love outsiders.

When have you felt like an outsider?

2 responses to Being an Outsider

  1. Thanks for this today. This has been something I have been wrestling through a good bit lately… with my varied ministry, and tribal, background it can be easy to feel like an outsider at times.

  2. I’ve definitely had my moments of feeling “on the outside.” We (the Church) are quite good at making people feel like outsiders. Great reminder for us to repent of this and model Christ’s example.