Zombie-Proof Homes and Your Heart


HeartI recently read an article about several “zombie-proof” homes for sale around the country.  Homes that were built to survive an apocalypse of the zombie kind, and all the owner to begin rebuilding humanity from the comfort of their own home.  It was funny, and interesting that people might spend 10.9 million dollars to protect themselves from a plague that doesn’t exist.  But what really got me thinking was wondering how much effort they put into guarding their hearts. 

Solomon makes it clear that he values protecting our hearts as one of our top priorities – “Above all else.” 

But we put a lot of other things above it.  Safety.  Finances.  Acceptance.  Many are more prone to guard these things above all else, rather than their heart.  Your heart has an impact on everything.  If your heart is hard, or bitter, or shallow; those things impact your life.  Your heart directly impacts the way you live your life.

Perhaps instead of wondering and worrying about zombie proofing our houses we should be guarding our hearts.

When have you had to guard your heart against a feeling?

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One response to Zombie-Proof Homes and Your Heart

  1. I have to do that when I write – guard my heart to make sure I see myself through God’s eyes and not others and that I define success the way He defines it and not the culture and that my motives for writing are the same as His motives for wanting me to write!