Oh, To Be Relevant Again…


Oh, To Be Relevant AgainEarlier this week my wife and I, along with some friends from out of town, took a road trip up to Richmond, Virginia.  During our trip up there when traveling to a museum the GPS sent us way out of our way into a not so nice part of town.  It wasn’t that it couldn’t have been nice, there were awesome two story homes, and cool corner stores.  The problem was that while the outside of the buildings were not bad, through the windows you could see the rot and decay.

The hollow buildings reminded me of some churches.

They look fine from the outside, but inside there’s no life.  They are in desperate need of some renovation of the heart, yet they sit and mold.  I saw buildings that used to hold a vibrant community, I imagined children playing in the street, moms calling them home for dinner, men running down to the grocery store for a quick errand, and women chatting on the sidewalk.  But none of it was real.

Like my imagination churches too imagine back to the day where they weren’t lifeless.  They talk about the good ole days, and reflect on how awesome things used to be, like a great imagination could bring them all back.  But it takes work, it takes concentrated effort to restore those buildings, and restore our churches.  It’ll take dedication to being relevant again.

What practices would you recommend for a church who wants to becoming full of life again?

One response to Oh, To Be Relevant Again…

  1. Idon’t think it takes practices. It takes God breathed life. Practices could just be false life.