Survival Guide to Zombie Christianity


Over the last few weeks I’ve talked about Zombie Christians pretty extensively.  I’ve discussed their traits, their habits, and the danger that they pose to each one of us.  Today I want to give some tips on how to make sure you don’t become one.  Some basic strategies if you ever find yourself surrounded by ZCs and how you can escape becoming one yourself.

1.  Proceed with Caution

Always being on alert is key.  You can’t lower your guard for a moment, or you could be bested by the disease.  You’ll hear yourself begin to complain about the worship, or you’ll begin to tear down a fellow Christian, or you might even find yourself just doing the motions.  Constantly being aware that the potential to become a zombie Christian lurks in each of us will help you combat it in your life.

2.  Take Aggressive Action

Besides just avoiding the kind of behavior that leads to total zombification, you also have to be intentionally making steps in the other direction.  Helping others through service can help keep your pride in check.  Picking up C. S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity” will help you avoid the trap of mindless Christianity.  No one has ever become great by avoiding bad, rather an intentional pursuit of righteousness is key, not simply avoiding sin.

3.  Surviving Requires Teamwork

No one can survive alone; we all need people along for the ride.  We need people who have our backs, with whom we can be honest, and people who we give permission to hold our feet to the fire.  I can’t imagine fighting the zombie Christian attitude without my small group, without those people I am doing life with.

4.  Never Abandon Hope

The temptation with a series like this is to build this incredible case against “them.”  I make “them” out to be the bad guys. I talk about the terrible qualities of “them.”  It’s easy to establish an us-verses-them kind of thinking.  Realizing that even the most zombiefied Christian can turn around and reconnect with God in a real, passionate way is humbling. It reminds us the only real enemy is ourselves.

What other advice would you give in dealing with Churches of the Living Dead?

3 responses to Survival Guide to Zombie Christianity

  1. Along the lines of Aggressive Action… We need to engage in a Shock & Awe campaign against these churches. Otherwise, they’ll never wake up from their sleep.

    I don’t know if you’ve considered this, but if you flesh out this series a bit more, I’m guessing it’d make a great ebook! Just a thought! =)

  2. Awesome site and VERY good article here.

  3. You express wisdom beyond your years here. One thing that helped me a lot was reading George Muller’s books and understanding that nominal Christianity was a huge problem in the 1800s, too. We imagine that it’s a new thing and it’s not. Keep up the great writing.