Zombies Aren’t the Only Selfish Creatures


If you ask anyone who is well versed in zombie lore one of the first core components of a zombie is that they are selfish.  They don’t work as a team, they don’t feel empathy for those they are eating, they are simply focused only on what they want.  As we continue discussing the danger of our churches beginning to turn into Churches of the Living Dead, I think this is an important lesson for us.

Zombie Christians are selfish.

They want their music (whether its traditional or modern), they want ministries built around their needs, they want the church to serve them.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the job of the church is to minister to people, but there comes a time when people need to step up and join the church in ministering to the hurting.  The zombie Christian never makes this transition.  They never mature enough to invest in others, only to take whatever the church can offer them.

I’ve been in countless churches, and been guilty myself of saying “the sermon just didn’t speak to me.”  We spiritualize it and complain about not being fed.  We mistakenly assume that if the service didn’t give me goosebumps, or didn’t make me laugh, or didn’t connect with me then it must be someone else’s fault.  We wrongly assume that each and every church service is dedicated to us.

None of us are immune to the selfishness of a zombie Christian.  We all are susceptible, all capable of falling into it.  We must guard against it, by serving others and remembering it isn’t about us.

How do you keep the zombie of selfishness at bay?

4 responses to Zombies Aren’t the Only Selfish Creatures

  1. Every Sunday before my wife and I leave for church, we take some time to pray that our hearts would be prepared for the service and the leading of the Spirit and that we would be focused on Christ alone and not ourselves.

  2. Robert Smith 04/18/2012 at 10:40 AM

    It also speaks to the mentality that we have to wait until Sunday to be fed. If we don’t feed ourselves during the week, we become like ravenous zombies on Sunday, and expect to get our food then. If the food didn’t agree with us, that leads us to further into our selfishness.

  3. Some might be offended by the satirical nature of this video, but I love it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHcmSUncWiY. Speaks on the topic at hand.

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