The Decaying Body of Christ


Many churches across the country are dwindling.  Very few are growing alongside the population percentages, and others aren’t reaching any adults at all.  The American church has started to rot.  We’ve started to decay.  We’ve become like a zombie, with no pulse, and our body is shutting down.

Zombies traditionally smell bad.  They rot and begin decomposing since they have no living tissues any more.  It’s kinda gross, but hang with me.

The church is falling into the same cycle.  No new life coming in, so we grow stagnate.  We begin to rot.  Our attitudes become selfish, and our churches become less welcoming.  Or we see the difficulty of our mission, and slowly give up.

In order to combat the rot, we have to constantly be breathing fresh life into our churches.  We need to be getting out of our comfort zones, loving those around us.  We need to selflessly be serving those in our neighborhoods, in our workplaces, in our world.  To stop the decay we need to find our heart for the people who still need to know Jesus.  Our heart must break for the things that break God’s heart.

How do you prevent decay in our personal walk with God?

3 responses to The Decaying Body of Christ

  1. Like any relationship, it moves, changes, shifts, and reshapes. I have to be willing to move along with it for it to remain lively.

  2. When I fall into that selfish, indulgent mindset (which happens daily), I try to go to God so He can breathe fresh life and truth into me. When I take the time to do that, it’s easier to see life from His perspective. And when I see life from His perspective, it’s easier to love. (Not to mention the fact that I’m happier when I’m looking at life from His point of view.) When I only submit with my behavior, I’m unhappy and zombie-like (to use your analogy!).

  3. One of the things we can work on is our rhetoric. We argue between churches over something meaningless. I am at a town that has 10 churches and a population of 1000. They get upset, they split off and start a new church. That will not win people to Christ. Instead of arguing between denominations we need to work together. Life on earth is only going to get tougher. We will need as much support as possible. Let’s start by uniting the body.