Just Going Through the Motions


Zombies often in the movies are depicted as not being real humans.  Sure, they were one time, but now they are just a shadow of their former lives.  Staggering around, wanting to eat brains, not caring if you were a spouse, neighbor, or old highschool football buddy.  Christians often carry this same quality, we are just going through the motions.  We aren’t really living our lives intentionally, just trying not to mess up too bad.

Now, I can be considered an expert in this field, since I’m probably the more guilty of this than anyone.  It’s easy to go to church, do some singing, zone out during the preaching, and then head home without ever really connecting to God or those around me.  However, this is a habit we must learn to break.

We must learn to really connect with God.  Through prayer, or reflection, reading Scripture, or however.  The vitality of our relationship with Him needs that time.  We must learn to connect with other Christians.  Through Bible studies, or over coffee, or even just hanging out, our connection with other Christians can breathe fresh life into our stale walk with God.

For me, it’s easiest to just go through the motions when I’m stressed, or tired.  In order for me to protect myself against that I have to try to get good sleep on Saturday night, and I have to try to unwind a little bit after work on Tuesday (the night of our small group).

In what situations are you tempted to just go through the motions? 

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  1. “We aren’t really living our lives intentionally, just trying not to mess up too bad.”

    sad but true…

  2. It just depends on the day for me. Sometimes, I’m just off and hoping to get through a day. This leads me to going through the motions, which is sometimes the best I can do.

  3. I’m often tempted to just go through the motions at church, but I don’t think that’s a terrible thing as long as the rest of my week with God is vital. It’s easy for me to be close to God at home when I have my quiet times. It’s harder at church because the set-up at church lends itself to a surfacy relationship. It’s easy to just sit there and let your mind wander. Like you, though, I’m better off if I am rested and also it helps for me to have a good quiet time before I go. I also think it’s far easier to connect with people in small groups rather than in the large church setting – it’s hard to have an intimate talk with someone in the 2 minute greet-your-neighbor time at church.

  4. I’m like that last one; it seems like I do better with my alone time with God. I get easily distracted at church and my mind wanders. But I think we can prepare our minds for worship and ask God to help us. Also I need the fellowship, so one-on-one and small groups are best for that. God has provided us with various ways to worship and grow. We don’t want to neglect any of them, but have a balance.

  5. During my daily devotions while driving. Spend some time worshiping and praying then listen to a sermon or Bible on CD then be done with it. This is why I try and mix up my morning devotions, so it does not become the norm. Great post and reminder.

  6. I find myself going through the motions often. I blame it on time management mostly. Between two jobs, kids, little league, etc it is easy to just take every spare moment for myself. I’m trying to be more intentional about spending more time with God and more time building relationships with others. I’ve definitely learned it has to be intentional. Those things won’t just happen. You have to plan them.

  7. I definitely don’t want to be “double tapped” due to being a zombie.

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