Church of the Living Dead


People have used countless analogies to describe the church.  Augustine pointed out that the church was like a whore, but also his mother.  The Apostle Paul describes it like a body.  I’ve heard it described like a sports team (normally on a Super Bowl Sunday), a bridge, and a few other things.  Yet, the image that most rings true in my mind, is that the modern American church unfortunately looks like a bunch of zombies.  Yeah, the flesh eating monsters from the movies.  Let me explain.

Our modern churches are not cannibals, so I don’t mean they physically go out and snack on human beings.  That’s just gross.  However, I’ve seen Christians mock, gossip about, and try to eat away at the credibility and character of other Christians.  Many Christians are only concerned with their own interests, and ignore what’s best for everyone else.  Some who simply go through the motions of spiritual life, are really dying inside.  And many who have these various attitudes want nothing more than to infect others.  That sounds like a zombie to me.

So over the next few weeks we’ll be looking into some of the traits that make us modern zombies.  The things we have to guard against in order to live life to the fullest, rather than being infected with the spiritual disease that’s plaguing the church.

What other analogies have you heard or used to describe the church?

2 responses to Church of the Living Dead

  1. Reminds me of a Relient K song: “We’re cannibals. We watch our brothers fall. We eat our own, the bones and all.”

  2. You just took me back to 8th grade and Audio A’s Some Kind of Zombie!!!…hmmm…where’s my ipod?…