The body of Christ is an interesting entity.  This weekend I had some first hand experience with seeing those who are gifted in certain ways working alongside those who don’t have a clue (me).  One of the college students from my church came over and got my Mustang running after it had been sitting idle for the last seven months.  I had worked on that thing off and on for months, and he came over and got it running in just a couple hours. 

We all have very different gifts. 

My gift might be connecting with people, his gift is cars, some are gifted for technology, others prayer, generosity, administration, or evangelism.  The church is overflowing with people who are gifted in different unique ways.  Yet it isn’t until we come together that we begin to be the beautiful bride of Christ.

Christians make a great team, but bad superstars.

It’s tempting to adore these “mega” pastors with super personalities that speak at huge conferences and preach to billions each Sunday.  But they are just a small broken tile like you and me.  We are each part of the mosaic that God is creating.  Whether you are the preacher of a vast mega church, a businessman, a single mom, or anything in-between you are a part of God’s masterpiece.  You are part of the beautiful mosaic.

When has someone had to help you out of a tough situation where you couldn’t do it yourself?

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  1. Speaking of Super star pastors, here is an interesting article:

    Also, I’m really glad there are good worship leaders out there. Because I am a horrible musician. My wife also keeps me grounded in reality and motivates me to get things of importance done. Thankful we’re a team!