I often get nervous about what’s coming up around the next corner.  This last weekend, I finally bit the bullet and tore some wood paneling out of my bathroom, extremely nervous to see what I’d find.  Terrified of what I might find.  It’s not like mold or rot or anything else would magically appear when I pulled the paneling back, but it’s scary to face the truth sometimes.

What I found was not as bad as it could have been.  I found no mold, no rot, just some torn up walls where tiles used to be.  But I realized that I only started to get worried when I was going to pull the paneling back, not the last six months I’ve lived in the house.  If there were mold, it would have been there for six months now.  Yet I was worried when I had to face it.  Sometimes I live like that.

I am afraid to expose my soul, not because of what’s been there the whole time, but because I’ve got to deal with it now.

We put off lots of things in our lives.  I looked at a navy blue spot on the ceiling of my last house for months because I didn’t want to go get the ceiling paint and touch it up.  We put off a closer walk with God, because of sins we’ll have to confess, or give up.  We put off time with family because of how we’ve spent the last few months or years obsessing over work.

I know it’s not fun; I know you might find rot or mold that you’ll have to deal with, but I encourage you to take some time and pull back the paneling of your heart today.  Because whether you deal with it today, or the next year it’ll be there.  Putting it off won’t make it any better.

What do you try to put off until later when you have the chance? 

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  1. Awesome post Seth. Very touching and straight to the point of our need to no longer put stuff off (especially concerning our relationship with the Lord) but to take the time and peel back the wall. Thanks for sharing this; loved it.

  2. Brad Anderson 01/11/2012 at 1:35 PM

    Great post, and, as your REALTOR, so thankful there was no mold, rot or termites!!!

    This post mirrors some thoughts I’ve been having lately. Specifically, postponing a closer walk with God because of sins I have to confess and give up. I seem to have been trying to resurect my old sinful self lately under the guise of nostalgia. Thanks to Larry Jones’ sermon this week, I now have an excellent image to remind myself that the giant(sin) is dead, and has been defeated and needs to stay dead to that I can lead a guilt free life in Christ.


  3. Seth,
    Thanks for the great anology. It is nice to know that I am not alone when it comes to having difficulty pulling back the paneling of one’s heart exposing all that we want to remain hidden to Christ as we enhance our walk with Him.

  4. I think that we get comfortable with the way things are. It is hard and difficult to start something new. I love to run, but hadn’t in a few months. I found hard to get started. I love to read the Bible, but find it difficult to start a new plan. It isn’t comfortable. And we want comfort.

  5. So much truth in this post.

    It’s almost never better to put off the stuff that needs to be done. In the same way that deferred maintenance at the house will lead to bigger problems, if we postpone dealing with the tough stuff in our lives, it’ll be so much worse when we finally do. You’re right on.