It’s been a year since I decided to really invest in this blog.  I went from posting whenever I felt like it to, posting three times a week.  I migrated from Blogger to WordPress.  I stopped all the angry rants.  Today I want to celebrate these accomplishments, but sharing the top three posts from 2011.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, these were the most viewed, most talked about stories of the year.

1.  Josh – The story of my friend who was trapped in the Walmart that was destroyed in the Joplin Tornado

2.  Tebow – Why Tim Tebow will let us down, and why it’s our fault.

3.  Allegiance – “I love Jesus but not the church” has become the mantra of my generation, but their wrong.

My prayer is that God has spoken to you all in different ways this year, and perhaps he used this blog to help.  Thanks for reading.

Image Courtesy of / Suat Eman