An incredible man of faith from our church recently said that he needed a new body, but that God would provide one.  Sobering truth.  It makes me want to live a life that I can one day look back on, and see God’s hand.  This saint from our congregation has spurred me to re-examine my life.  To re-examine what I do, and why I do it.  His words have been bouncing around in my mind for a couple days now, and I can’t seem to get over them.

What would look different if I lived with that mentality?  How would I respond to difficulties?  What would be less important?  To live a life worth living I need to do things differently.  Video games take a backseat to family.  Browsing the web is neglected for more evenings with friends.  Good food replaces Ramen, and I would probably never drink Folger’s again.  The catch is what’s holding me back.

The tyranny of the now, rules my life. 

I too often react to the immediate instead of focusing on eternal.  I get distracted by the present, rather than the later.  Fixing this requires intentionality, focus, and high value on the things that last.  No one will care how well organized my book library is, or what rank you are on Call of Duty.  What matters is what you do to make a difference.  This morning I am taking some time to refocus.  Some time to plan ahead.  Some time to imagine myself looking back, and wondering what a life well lived looks like.  After that, I act.  I do something.  I take small steps in order to live that life, one day at a time.

What does a life well lived look like for you?  What do you want to be remembered for?

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  1. Helping others in need.

  2. I have a quote on my bulletin board in my office: “What is of eternal importance? Do it!”

    I want to be remembered as a person who sold out to intentional living, not letting time slip through because I had to deal with less important items. This include the faith base of it, getting to know Jesus more and intentionally trying to live it out in my life.

    • I setup little reminders like that too. Can\’t tell you how many times I have been redirected by a little 3×5 card hung on my wall.

  3. I heard someone advocate writing out your eulogy ahead of time. It really gives you a perspective on how you want to live now.

  4. What a life well lived looks like to me is to love those who are hurting, putting myself in others shoes who are lost and lonely. loving people as I would want to be loved and cared for. letting people know that Jesus saves!He saved me and he can save them!!! What I would want people to remember me for? That I did my best to serve , please and obey our Almighty GOD. To be know as a GOD fearing woman.

    • \”to love those who are hurting\” would be an excellent definition of a well lived life. Thanks for your heart Lynette, and for all that you do to help show God\’s love to the hurting.

  5. Seth, thanks for sharing… I too “take small steps in order to live that life, one day at a time.”

  6. Focusing on eternal factors are so important. I want my others to remember that I valued others. Great post.