I read lots of books every year.  Last year I figured it would be helpful to post my top 10 favorite books that I read during 2010.  Today I share the first half of 2011’s top 10 books.  Here’s the second half of the list.

10 – Start Something that Matters – Blake Mycoskie

In his book Blake, the founder of TOMS Shoes tells their company’s story as well as the story of several others who are taking a new approach to business.  The one-for-one model which TOMS has vastly popularized in the last decade has been a way to merge capitalism with charity.  In my mind, this book and business model represents the future of business.

9 – The Reason for God – Tim Keller

I don’t read many apologetics books now that I’m out of college.  Yet this last summer my small group decided to read Keller’s book chapter by chapter, and I have to admit it was great.  Keller makes excellent arguments for belief in God, as well as raising several points I had never considered.  This book makes an excellent reinforcement to your faith, or perhaps offers some excellent aids if you’re investigating Christianity.

8 – Your Life in Rhythm – Bruce Miller

For years I’ve heard lectures, read books, and studied the concept of trying to keep life in balance.  Bruce blows that idea out of the water with his concept of rhythm.  Times in life to work hard, and times to rest.  Spring time, then harvest, and wintertime where life lies fallow.  For anyone struggling to keep their life in order, I strongly recommend checking out Miller’s book.

7 – Today We Are Rich – Tim Sanders

I’m not a businessman, but there are lots of great wisdom found in business books.  Tim’s book is an excellent resource for anyone who is in business, or who just wants to better their life.  His advice is often simple, but always insightful.

6 – On Writing – Stephen King

Hands down the best book on writing I have ever read.  Stephen King proves he is not merely an incredible writer, but a great teacher as well.  On Writing is one part biography, one part writing instructions, and all around awesome.

What’s your favorite genre to read? 

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  1. Thanks for your book list Seth. I have read a couple of Keller’s books but not this one. Nor have I read any of the others. you have piqued my interest though. I have always loved to read fiction/mystery/adventure. I used to read a lot of fantasy as well (Lawhead, etc). Because of time and ministry (always gets in the way you know?) I have had to slow down reading it. I read almost no apologetics stuff, but I do try to read various books on different subjects to stay well-rounded. Looking forward to the rest of your list.

    • Keller\’s book would make a good addition since it\’s a pretty all encompassing apologetics book… I\’m totally with you that ministry makes it tough to read much fiction, I just stay so busy and have to read ministry and leadership stuff to stay sharp, it consumes a lot of time…

  2. It’s been a while since I”ve had time to read. Now that winter break is here, I’m looking forward to getting a chance to relax with a book.

    I like to read drama/suspense fiction, like books by Ted Dekker (When Heaven Weeps is my favorite, followed by Blink and the Circle Trilogy).

    I also like to read leadership type books. Andy Stanley is one of my favorites, since he always makes things simple and clear.

    • Dekker is a great writer… If you like his stuff you\’ll love my #3 coming Wednesday… It\’s a great read… I haven\’t gotten to the Circle Triology yet though… Hopefully this coming year…

      Stanley is a stud when it comes to any practical leadership topics. He\’s my go to for lots of ministry advice.

  3. Looks like a great list of books so far.

    I’ve read Today We Are Rich and really enjoyed it. Tim Sanders laid out a great path to a rich life.

    Start Something That Matters is a book I would like to read. I saw Blake at Catalyst this year and he blew me away.

  4. Favorite genre? I’d have to say broadly non-fiction. A little more specific, I enjoy business and Christian living books. Never seem to get tired of those!

  5. These sounds like some great books. I’ll add them to my reading list. My favorite books are Christian growth and leadership books. Great list.

  6. I like who-done-it books. A detective or detective type person solves the crime. Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple.

    Myles Munroe is my go-to authority on leadership topics.

    I just started reading On Writing by Stephen King.

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