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The internet is a tricky monster to tame. 

On one hand, we can become engrossed in it, decide that our value lies in our number of followers and spend every waking moment using social media and technology to pursue our own fame.  On the other hand, there are some who self-righteously proclaim that they will never have a Facebook account (or Twitter, or whatever) because they are not a self-absorbed person, and they do not need the approval of others to find their self-worth. 

It’s easy to make technology either the savior or the enemy.

As Christians our job is to use the internet as a tool:  A tool for connecting with others, a tool for connecting people to God.  We must carefully use it to advance the cause of the kingdom, not to count our influence.  We must interact with it and embrace the incredible potential it holds, rather than run from it like Jonah fled Nineveh.

The internet isn’t the enemy.  It isn’t the end all.  It’s a tool in which we as Christians should engage in order to make disciples.  The challenge is finding the middle ground:  The middle ground where we expand God’s kingdom without focusing on our own.  The middle ground. Where we use technology to help others escape sin without escaping it in self-righteousness.

How are you going to use the internet today?  What specifically will you do today, that can be a small step towards helping expand the kingdom? 

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4 responses to Virtualization.

  1. Bible Study Post at my Blog…using the transformers movies…

    How to be a living sacrifice…or a follower of Jesus…

    Hopefully to encourage the kingdom…

    • And I\’ll testify they are a great read. Thanks for commenting Arny, and thanks for your contribution to encouraging and spurring others on.

  2. It’s funny, a lot of people are scared of the internet and its potential. As Christians it can be difficult to ride the fine line between using as a tool, or treating it like an addiction.

    Today, I will be using it to connect with people at a career fair in a local community. I work for a Non-Profit agency so social media is our free advertising!

  3. “It’s easy to make technology either the savior or the enemy.”

    Great line!