Today’s post is over at ChurchMag.  I’d love it if you check it out.  All about redeeming technology, and how we can use technology for restoration.  Here’s a little bit of it to wet your appetite –

After Jesus’ resurrection, John tells us, in chapter 21 of his gospel, a little story about Jesus making the disciples breakfast and restoring Peter.  Dyer notes in this chapter that Jesus uses a charcoal fire to cook breakfast.  The interesting fact is that the previous mention of a charcoal fire is in the high priest’s courtyard.  John goes out of his way to point out that Jesus uses the same medium of Peter’s sin to restore him.  All of a sudden the fire isn’t just there to cook the fish, it’s there to remind John’s readers of Peter’s mistake.  It’s there to point back to the terrible night where Peter disowned Jesus… (continue)