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Worship wars have been around for several millenia.  Back in the ancient times people groups would battle to see who’s god was more powerful.  Today we are much more civilized; we just critique and bash those who don’t worship like we do.  We complain because the songs are too old, or too new, or too fast, or too slow.  We complain because it’s too emotional, not emotional.  We want more lights and flashyness, or we want it more simple and barebones.  We love guitar, or hate guitar, and don’t even get me started on drums.

Yet, what does God really care about?  What part of worship would God critique? Our hearts.  You see, God cares less about the technology we use to worship and more about the theology behind our worship.  What do we really believe about God that drives us to worship?

I know I’ve had to repent at times, because I have looked down on churches for their lame technology, or their organ music, or a song leader who sings off key, or worse, a super cheesy song leader.  But I have to remember that God doesn’t care about their organ or their vocal talents.  God cares about their hearts.

What’s the worship like at your church?  What’s your favorite element of the worship service?

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3 responses to Rebellion.

  1. Almost two weeks ago I spent a weekend with friends at a former church I pastored. their music of choice: southern gospel with a twang and bluegrass mixed in. When we were getting ready to leave, I told my wife I hope she was ready to listen to some rock music. Yeah, the whole weekend was not my style. But that is what turned their crank. That is what led them into worship. Then who am I to downgrade them? It is not my place to do so. God doesn’t really care. As you have stated, He does care about the heart though. Good thoughts today Seth.

  2. I’m an inbetweener. I really like it all. I grew up on old fashioned hymnals with piano and organ. I love the new style of worship as well, after all, I’m from the rock and roll era. One of the biggest problems in churches, mine included is the fact that everyone wants their way. Kind of like little kids from the preschool dept.

    The biggest complainers never stop to consider their Christian heart. The judgement and hypocrisy is blatant and they can’t see it. If we’re there to worship, which is to give of ourselves to God, how can we demand self fulfillment?

    It’s a huge problem for the church, I’m not sure what the answer is?

  3. My church has multiple worship services with different music styles for each. I know a few people are against that, but it’s worked out well for us. There are things I like about each of the services musically. My general philosophy is “to each, his own.”