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Mankind was created in God’s image.  Though, countless scholars have debated what exactly that means, one thing seems to be tucked away in the Genesis account of creation.  If you read the creation account you notice first off that God is creative.  God is at work forming and shaping the universe, as we know it.  Then after creating Adam, God turns around and gives Adam the task of “cultivating the garden.”  Adam was created to take care of and cultivate the garden.  To cultivate, to create. 

Mankind was created with the intention that we would create.  We cultivate by taking care of the earth. We cultivate by seeing projects through to completion. We cultivate by bringing others alongside us to teach.  Culti


vation is a key element to who we are and what God has created us to do.  It is one of the ways we reflect God’s image.  He is the ultimate creator; we simply create, because we were created.

Each of us are gifted in different ways.  Some create with words, others create with science, others use photography, or ceramic tiles, or a green thumb.  Others create with music, muffins, or muscles.  Regardless of your job, or your hobbies, you’ve been created to create.

What do you use to create?  How does your job or hobby include creating?

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8 responses to Reflection.

  1. Great thoughts Seth…

    I create with words…first with my conversations with those around me

    then…with my lyrics and music…

    then with my blog…

    but the most important are the words i create that he created in my soul…

    • sethcaddell 09/21/2011 at 2:19 PM

      That\’s my main creation tool as well, Arny. Which is your favorite outlet for your words?

      • music and blog…

        But i want it to be conversation…more personal that way…

        • sethcaddell 09/21/2011 at 2:54 PM

          Totally with you there. I would say my writing is mostly in my blog, but I want my words in conversation to be the largest outlet for my creativity.

  2. Isn’t itteresting that the Creator created creatives. It gives us no excuse to say we aren’t creative. We all are in our own way.

    • sethcaddell 09/21/2011 at 2:21 PM

      Too true, I know people who claim they aren\’t creative people, and I know better than that. I believe we are all created with creative tendency. They probably aren\’t the same, but they are still creative. What\’s your style of creating, Larry?

  3. I think it’s great how you’ve stressed the idea that we, as creatures, also create. One of the greatest tragedies in the Church and in the world is that we’ve lost this fundamental truth. Creative people leave the Church because of our man-made restrictions, and in the world, people slave all day for income and miss out on their God-given gift to create.

  4. I was made to need to create periodically. if I don’t do something creative I can get pretty hard to live with, ask my wife. I get an air of dissatisfaction, a general malaise.

    I write. My writing leans more towards satire. I draw. Both in physical and digital media. I photograph. I shoot and photoshop stuff mainly for me. I design. Web work as well as virtually anything else. I build. I am currently building a canoe from blue plastic drums. I play instruments. Latin percussion, a little guitar (small amounts not a small guitar), Bass guitar.

    HE made me so I would need to create and in doing so He is consistently honored.